The Revelers – Chapter 10

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Aileen’s fingertip traced the length of Va’s bare chest, as he lay sprawled next to her with only a tangled sheet covering the good bits. His slightly damp chest sported a good amount of dark hair that had an oddly silky texture. It felt lush and strangely comforting so her finger lingered, stopping to play before it found its way to his navel. He released a husky laugh when the tip of her finger twirled in the shallow hole, as though he were ticklish there. She tilted her head to look up at him as she did it again. He . . . giggled. When he saw the odd look she cast him, he gently removed her hand. “I’m just a little sensitive there,” he said and leaned over to brush his lips across her forehead.

“I never knew navels were particularly ticklish,” she said and stretched her hand out as though she meant to test the move again, but he took her hand and pulled it to his lips kissing the tips of her fingers before moving down so that their bodies were aligned and flipping her on her back.

“So soon,” she said, not really protesting, just genuinely surprised.

“You do that to me,” he offered as he fit himself between her legs and pressed his fully erect penis through the slick lips of her sex and home before she could protest, not that he expected her too. Aileen liked sex as much as he did.

“Just a little more,” he said as he began to move, sliding deeper as she moaned and lifted her knees in response, “and then I’ll feed you.”

She laughed and he felt its reverberations all the way down as his whole body tightened. He hadn’t wanted her to ask about his ticklish navel; he could hardly explain that it was an especially erotic spot for Revelers.   But what had begun as a diversion soon became serious. He liked this woman; he liked the effect that she had on his body, on him. He kissed her and her mouth greeted his hungrily, tongues sliding against each other and teeth nipping lips, greedy. Her fingers slid up his back grappling at the slippery skin; her thighs high, gripped his, holding on like a bull rider as he plundered her body. The music of her mewling sounds made him harder. He growled, his thrusts growing more intense. She laughed at his growl and the reverberations rippled through his body again. Kissing his neck, she held on, the soft skin of her thigh tightening more around his hard, hairy ones. He loved that she liked to play and that she was still hungry for him even though they’d been at it all morning.

Her breath was becoming shallower and her eyes were squished tight. Now when she got like that it always made him smile. It meant that it was getting good to her. In the beginning, he’d made her open her eyes and look at him. He’d wanted her to know who was making her feel like that. But he’d soon gotten over that bit of machismo. Now he understood that she knew whom she was with and he appreciated that when she closed her eyes she was concentrating on his thrusts, on how he felt inside her, the hard glide of him in the lush heat of her canal, the way the tip of him nudged at that cluster of nerves causing them to tingle and spiral. She moaned and tightened around him. He closed his eyes and sank deeper before pulling his pulsing length back, the slow drag setting off a cascade of sensations. Eyes closed and short-nailed fingers digging into his back, she tilted her head forward and sank her little teeth into his shoulder. He wanted to howl with pleasure. Instead he felt himself expanding and becoming stiffer.   Her moist furnace tightened around him and he felt compelled to plunge deeper and deeper until she was moaning and surging around him. She keened a sharp breathy release and his body arched in response as he poured himself into the recesses of her body. For a minute he couldn’t move and she was too limp to care, but finally, he rolled off of her warm, damp body and endured the slight chill that brushed his skin as he lay beside her.

After they’d caught their breath, she opened one eye and said, “You said something about food?”

He laughed, “Are you trying to shame me?”

“How?” Aileen asked as she leaned in to rest her chin on the arm that she had planted on his torso.

“Proving that you have more stamina, that you can move after that,” he said making some vague gesture with a hand that barely moved from where it rested on the bed.

“What can I say,” she said and they both laughed.

“Alright, I’ll grant you a few minutes of down time,” she said pretending petulance as she shifted so that she was lying next to him and moved to pull the sheet and coverlet up over both of them. He slipped his arm around her as she cuddled closer to his side.

“I wanted to talk to you anyway,” she said laying her hand on the sparse mat of chest hair.
“Hmh?” Va murmured without much concern. He was totally relaxed, his eyes nearly closed.

“I was wondering how you feel about making a baby with me?” she asked with feigned nonchalance. Va’s whole body tensed, but he didn’t say anything. Aileen felt the tension and moved to separate herself from him, but he stilled her and held her closed with the arm he had around her shoulder.

“What brought this on?” he asked.

“I like you, and I know it’s a cliché, but I’m thirty-four and well . . .” she trailed off not having anything else to say. To her it was simple. She was more than old enough, had a good job, well, one that paid well anyway, and she liked Va. She’d always wanted children, at least one, but marriage wasn’t something that she saw in her future. Guys she really liked were few and far between. The way her life had been going who knew if she’d ever meet another one? Besides, Va seemed reasonable, not some nut who’d give her grief. Who knows maybe he’d want to actually be a father, play some role in the child’s life. He’d be good at it; he was a very caring person. Besides, he was hot; he’d made a sweet looking baby.

Va was still silent, but at least he hadn’t pushed her away and then snatched on his pants while screeching a barrage of curses as he made his way to the door.



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  • March 7, 2016 at 1:45 am

    wow….I felt like I was right there and randomly picked a chapter to read. I usually don’t read romance, but this kept me wanting to read more! And could visualize everything!

    • March 19, 2016 at 5:33 pm

      Thanks, that’s very sweet of you.


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